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A home is not just a place to live, it ’s a place where you can truly
relax , unwind, and be yourself

Designed by
Award Winning Architect

Atelier Riri is a design and architecture firm founded by Novriansyah Yakub (Riri) in Jakarta. This Firm is a broadening notion to what Riri belived and do since he begin his architectural debute in 2005.

Atelier Riri’s point of views on architecture and other fields a of creative design has always been focused on how to connect the live, the surrounding, and the sustainable design minded within a contemporary solutions. Therefore, architecture works will not merely a building, but also a responsive attitude toward its context.

Why Choose
Terasari Pinara?
Imagine a wonderful contemporary home that opened doors to endless attractions and activities. Discover the richness of living in South Jakarta that integrates modern luxury, sophisticated design, sustainable living, and a sense of community. By choosing Terasari Pinara, you are not just purchasing a house; you are investing in your future sanctuary where every element harmonizes an extraordinary living experience.
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A home is not just a place to live, it ’s a place where you can truly relax, unwind, and be yourself. Therefore, we create multifunction rooftop concepts as additional outdoor living space that can serve multiple purposes, such as hosting gatherings, growing a garden, or simply relaxing and enjoying the view.

The idea is to transform the rooftop into a multi- functional space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Living Room Pinara


Terasari is designed with a spacious and open layout concept that allows us to connect with family, friends and surroundings. By incorporating elements such as large windows, sliding doors, and blend between your living space and nature space from the inner courtyard.

This enhances creating a sense of harmony and continuity. This improves the quality of living experience.

Split Level Pinara


The split-level design allows for multiple living areas, which can be customized to suit your family ’s needs. It can provide privacy between living areas.

The large windows from the courtyard bring natural light and a sense of openness.

Ventilation Pinara


Cross air flow ventilation is a type of ventilation system utilizing two or more openings in a building to create a natural flow of air. It improves air quality, removes indoor pollutants, reduces the need for air conditioning, and creates a more comfort

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The Location
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Detail Pinara
Smallest Land Size : 143 m2
Largest Land Size : 258 m2
Building Area : ± 260 - 360 m2
Unit Total : 11 Unit Biilding Type: Standar & Hook
Type Options : 3 Floors
Project Duration : 12 Months
Other Unit Option : Corner Unit, 2 Floors, Flexible Bedroom
Grow House Options : Available
Water Heater : Installation
Air Conditioning : Installation
Kitchen Set : Installation
Electrical Voltage : 4400 VA / Unit
Security : 1 Guard House
Entrance Access : 1 Entrance Gate
Sanitary : Toto / Equivalent
Waste Placement : In front of the unit
Type of Water : Ground Water
Lot Road Width : 6 Meter
Lot Width : 7 Meter & 9 Meter
Unit Plan
Site Plan
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Groundbreaking Promo
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